20.20 International Contemporary Art exhibition (MILAN, ITALY)

20.20 International Contemporary Art exhibition in the M.A.D.S.Milano art gallery, Milan, Italy


REVIEW on my work by Vanessa Vitti (Milan, Italy)
“If photography has the role of telling the truth, if the shot captures a place or an object as it appears, Elena’s work goes beyond these limits. The artist manages to get out of those well-defined outlines of photography, because rather than representing reality, in her works we find the means to get excited. In fact, her work is energy and passion, Elena has the great gift of absolute sensitivity, her eye sees where others do not arrive. The sensations that the observer experiences in front of his work are probably the same that Elena feels when looking at the ocean. Light, colors, tones that mix with each other are the undisputed protagonists of the work. Halfway between the abstract and the landscape, not well defined shapes, water that meets the sky, games of surprising contrasts make Elena’s work unique.
Her art is clearly describable as landscape photography but at the same time has characteristics that refer to abstractionism because the real is lost between colors and brightness. Her artwork calls to mind the work of the great painter and engraver Tetsuro Sawada, for the choice of places to portray and beyond, especially for the fusion of lights and shadows, of tonality and shades of color, and for the horizontality of the lines .
In front of the work “Perfect end of the day” the observer is captured by it, the gaze meets that line of the horizon that makes you dream so much. We all become Ulysses, let ourselves be carried away by the desire to know and face a journey into the unknown, the one that makes us discover ourselves and our emotions.
“The sea is your mirror: contemplate your soul in the infinite turning of the rolling wave” (C. Baudelaire).”


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