This is a hidden page for a promotion with gifts, and I will soon remove it, so if you’ve landed here, it’s a great sign! I am very happy to see you here!


My name is Elena, I am a home decor designer and a certified interior decorator. I have been working in the field of home decor and prints for over 10 years. I have my project BeachLoveDecor, where I sell my designs on coastal theme as prints and on home decor items such as pillows, duvet covers, curtains, and more. You can check out my shop, works, and customer reviews HERE.

But my main role is being a mother of 2 wonderful children – 17 and almost 6 years old. The older daughter is already decorating her room herself, and for my younger son, a question arose. He loves superheroes, but the images with them are often quite aggressive and completely unsuitable for a children’s room, in which, in my opinion, there should be a calm and creative atmosphere, and the decor should reflect the child’s individuality and interests.

I have just started learning AI, combined it with my experience, design skills and mother’s care and made and printed pictures for my son with the first letter of his name and his favorite animals. He was thrilled!
All the guests who came to us also really liked these pictures, and they asked to make something similar for themselves or as gifts.

So the idea came up to open a new direction – PERSONALIZED PRINTS AND DECOR FOR NURSERY AND KIDS ROOMS.

At the moment, I have created over 20 collections for children’s rooms, and I am very interested to know your opinion and preferences. I kindly ask you to answer 14 questions, and as a token of appreciation, I will gift you a digital print with the letter and name of your child (English letters only), in A4 size, which you can print on your printer or online to receive a ready-made print for decorating your child’s room.
Here is an example

You can choose the color to match your interior and preferences. How to do it is explained in the questionnaire form.

If you liked any of my collections HERE, and you have purchased or plan to purchase prints from it, please mention it in the form, in the section about the letter color. I will create a letter in the color of this collection or the characters you have chosen, in the required size (by default it will be A4), and you will already have 1 free digital print.

You can print the gift file on your printer, or order printing online and pick up the paper print at the nearest CVS, Wallmart, etc.
Here are the links where you can order printouts online –

The file size you will receive corresponds to an A4 sheet, so you can print the letter on your printer. In online stores, you can choose sizes: 4”x6”, 5”x7”, 8”x10”, 8”x12”
For sizes larger than 8”x12”, the image quality may decrease!

If you need a larger size print with a letter than 8”x12”, you can order it HERE

You can purchase my digital prints HERE.
The PROMO PRICE NOW IS $10 FOR 3 DIGITALS PRINTS . And you will already have 1 gift print with a letter!


Answering the questions will take you a few minutes. Most questions have multiple-choice options, and for open-ended questions, please respond as detailed as possible – it will greatly help me!
Thank you once again!

Please answer them (don’t forget to click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form) and wait for your gift from me. As a token of appreciation, I will send you 1 (!) digital JPEG file in A4 format with a large watercolor letter and your child’s name to the email you provided in this survey within 1-3 days (depending on workload) from my working email elena((@))
Sometimes emails end up in the SPAM folder – please check it. If you have not received the gift within 3 days, please write to me.
Once again, thank you very much! Have a wonderful day!
Wishing you and your kids lots of love, joy and health!
May mom’s strength, patience, and the right amount of sleep be with us! 🙂