New Hawaiian Palms Collection!

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I came back from Hawaii a few days ago. I took almost 3000 photos. A lot of swimming, beach, sun, warm… And I can’t share it with you 🙂 So, I will post my new Hawaiian Collection –
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21466209_16323522-tps_l 21466490_5703076-bagtote16_l 21466490_5703076-crtn_l 21466490_5703076-duvetking_l 21466490_5703076-plwfr2_l

21468722_6091279-bagtote16_l 21468722_6091279-crtn_l 21468722_6091279-duvetking_l 21468722_6091279-plwfr2_l 21548925_5096854-tps_l

21547578_4501450-bagtote16_l 21547578_4501450-crtn_l 21547578_4501450-duvetking_l 21547578_4501450-plwfr2_l 21548853_9392726-tps_l

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